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The Hays Code, the old PC, and formal power

On Twitter, psychologist Geoffrey Miller retweeted Columbia Pictures’ 1934 photograph in protest of the Hays Code, commenting that it dates from an erstwhile time when Hollywood “protested against political correctness.” Yet how similar is our contemporary regime of political correctness to censorship … Continue reading

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Ben Shapiro defines the alt-right

I read Ben Shapiro only occasionally. He has a facile understanding of the intellectual Right, and he doesn’t treat his adversaries the way he wants to be treated. But last week he gave an interview in which, among other things, he had a … Continue reading

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Scalia’s compact case for originalism

Martha Minow, in one of a series of tributes to Justice Scalia published in the Harvard Law Review, recalls an interview he gave before a group of students and colleagues in Brazil: I will tell you the killer argument in favor … Continue reading

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Lee Kuan Yew on the post-war breaking of the British spirit

In a speech [video] given on October 22, 2002 on the eve of Commemoration Day at Imperial College, Yew describes the degeneration of Britain under communism and diversity: It was a different age and a different generation. After six exhausting years of bombings and … Continue reading

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J. F. Stephen’s world-philosophy, according to his brother

James Fitzjames Stephen’s brother, Leslie Stephen, wrote one of the famous Victorian’s biographies. Here’s an excerpt I really enjoyed: “Despair is the vilest of words.” That expresses Fitzjames’s whole belief and character. Faiths may be shaken and dogmas fade into meaningless … Continue reading

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Tocqueville on Mexico

Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America back in 1835: The Constitution of the United States resembles those beautiful creations of human industry which insure wealth and renown to their inventors, but which are profitless in other hands. This truth is exemplified … Continue reading

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